What you need to know when applying for a CE or FCC mark?

CE & FCC certification

What you need to know when applying for a CE or FCC mark?

Published on: May 24, 2017

During my 30+ years in this business I have encountered customers from wide range of industries. I have personally observed the maturation of hundreds of wildly different products ranging from simple electronics to a high-end satellite phone systems. As the projects we handle are always unique and require lots of tailoring as well as foresight, role of the customer is emphasized. A common factor between all the best clients in my opinion is preparedness.

Our core business revolves around helping manufacturers from the concept phase onwards with consultation and project management, and we can make the CE or FCC marking happen even when our clients do not have clear plans for product maturisation, but everything goes much more smoothly when a client has experience and knowledge about the process. In the best case the customers are able to name the tests their product needs according to the right standards and directives with detailed documentation on the technical specifications. We have done lots of new projects with startups, which are always laborious yet highly rewarding cases. To this end, for minimizing scheduling problems our client should be in contact with us relatively early, preferably more than 3 months in advance.

One of the basic things that you need to consider is the region you’re planning to expand into. If our customer wants the CE-mark for European market now and discovers later that he wants to sell his product also in the Americas, that means a whole another process. During the product planning phase, this question usually comes up in the very beginning and is often out of scope for some manufacturers.

To sum up what questions you should be able to answer when contacting TESTiLABS about regulatory approvals:

  1. Technical description of the device, including radios
  2. Information about pre-qualified modules, if you’re using them
  3. Schedule for the project
  4. Which markets you’re planning to enter now and in the near future

Tapio Laurila – Certification expert

If you have any questions regarding the certifications or the process, please contact us here!

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