TESTiLABS has access to several world class laboratories for the wireless and telecommunications industries. These labs are all located in Finland and are ready to serve customers from all over the world. Test your devices in our state-of-art laboratories and ensure that your reach your optimal and desired performance goals.

TESTiLABS employee performs audio testing in a laboratory

Audio Laboratory

TESTiLABS offers a wide variety of standard and customized audio tests. Modern testing facilities (anechoic chamber and listening room according to ETSI EG 202 396-1) and experienced staff ensure repeatable and reliable results. We can support products audio development all the way from product requirement definition phase to final product approval testing. Our typical customers

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TESTiLABS employees in EMC laboratory during a test

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

The TESTiLABS EMC test facilities includes a 3 meter test range semi-anechoic chamber with an interference shielded control room. The automated test environment consists of antenna scanning masts, turntable, tilted test table, RF switching unit with required filtering and other related test equipment. All these are managed with one commercial EMC test software. A separate

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TESTiLABS employee in an environmental testing laboratory

Environmental Laboratory

TESTiLABS has a total of 9 climatic chambers. These chambers include temperature and humidity or both with different performance figures. In addition, we also have a temperature shock chamber. Environmental test equipment also includes UV, solar radiation and 2 different sized salt mist chambers.

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Camera image quality tuning laboratory and reference points for colours

Image Quality & Camera Laboratory

Our unique camera and image quality laboratories are located in Tampere, Finland, and are part of a one of a kind image quality testing facility in the world.  Goniospectroradiometric Laboratory: Goniospectroradiometric measurements are performed in low light environment using different laboratory equipment such as: Thermo F3 six axis Robot CAS140CT-151 Spectrometer EOP-146 detector Tripod with

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Mechanical testing of a mobile device in TESTiLABS laboratory

Mechanical Test Laboratory

TESTiLABS has a wide range of mechanical test equipment to cover most of the relevant IEC and ISO standard tests. Equipment includes a vibration shaker, guided free fall testers with high speed video camera and random free fall testers. Our laboratory also has test equipment to perform different modes of wearing and hardness testing. With

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OTA testing method for mobile device in a laboratory by TESTiLABS

Over-the-Air (OTA) Laboratories

TESTiLABS has 4 OTA chambers and can help you find solutions tailored for you, such as : degraded performance due to interference, call drops, high power consumption, to understand OTA certification and operator requirements as well as to innovate with novel test methods. TESTiLABS has three separate, 6 meters wide and 3 meters high, accredited

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Equipment used for physical failure analysis tests

Physical Failure Analysis Test Equipment

TESTiLABS has broad range of analysis test equipment to determine the cause of physical failures. The most sophisticated equipment is Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectrometer), which can be used for elemental composition analyses and very high resolution imaging. Other valuable equipment to find the root cause of failures includes: metallurgy and

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SAR Robot in TESTiLABS laboratory

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Laboratory

TESTiLABS has three SAR test systems: 2 DASY5 systems and one DASY4 system, located in RF shielded rooms for testing cellular, Wi-Fi, TETRA, Satellite, UHF and VHF devices. In addition, we have a variety of SAR testing phantoms, tissue simulating liquids, and the competence to create tissue simulating liquids customized for our customer needs. Measurable

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