Camera & Image Quality Lab

TESTiLABS’s imaging services cover all tests needed in camera R&D chain, from camera module to final imaging product. The World Class Imaging laboratory is located in Tampere, Finland. TESTiLABS software solution enables cost effective testing due automated testing and reporting.

What we offer:

  • Advanced Camera Verification
    • Camera Module EMC Testing
    • Camera Module HW Testing
    • Camera Module Image Quality Characterization
    • Product Image Quality Testing
    • Product Image Quality Tuning
  • Optical Measurements
  • MIP Software
  • Valued Camera Experience

Our Camera Verification & Image Quality Testing services are conducted in different high-quality laboratories with stellar equipment and hardware:

Goniospectroradiometric Laboratory

Hardware Laboratory

Image Quality Laboratory

Optical Laboratory

Photo Space Laboratory

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Risto Timisjärvi

Marketing and Sales Director

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