Image Quality & Camera Laboratory

Our unique camera and image quality laboratories are located in Tampere, Finland, and are part of a one of a kind image quality testing facility in the world.

Goniospectroradiometric Laboratory

Goniospectroradiometric measurements are performed in low light environment using different laboratory equipment such as:

  • Thermo F3 six axis Robot
  • CAS140CT-151 Spectrometer
  • EOP-146 detector
  • Tripod with rail
High dynamic range (HDR) testing lab

HDR Testing Lab

TESTiLABS HDR setup is capable of testing up to 21 f-stop dynamic range. Furthermore, this setup consists of three boxes with following specifications:

  • Illumination range from 1000 Lux to 200 000 Lux with 1000 Lux steps
  • Illumination range from 0 Lux to 1000 Lux with 5 Lux step

In addition, each box is equipped with color checker and rotating wheel up to 120 rpm. These are used for evaluating the color reproduction and motion artifacts.


Spectral color characterization and optical measurements happens in an state of the art Optical Lab. Moreover, all lab equipment are made by the world best optical test equipment manufacturers like Trioptics and Labsphere.

Optical Laboratory equipment includes:

  • Color characterization setup
    • Labsphere Monochromator (350nm-1100nm)
  • Lens MTF measurement setup
    • Trioptics autocollimator 22880
  • Image stabilizer measurement setup
    • Kohzu TSS-1000
    • Controllable LED illumination
    • Sharpness and noise chart
  • Controllable light source setup for generating different spectrums
    • Gooch & Housego OL-490
    • Image Engineering CAL2
  • Laser setup for measuring AF actuator step positions
    • Keyence LK-G5001P
  • Spectrometers
    • Instrument system CAS 140 CT-156
    • Instrument system CAS 140 B-152
    • Ocean Optics Flame
Monochromator Optical Laboratory
Optical Laboratory Camera Testing
Photo Space Laboratory Image Quality Testing
Photo Space Laboratory Image Quality Testing


TESTiLABS has access to a Photo Space Lab for simulating usual camera use cases in a controlled environment and it has 5 scenes:

  • Bar with HDR content
  • Living room
  • Play corner
  • City
  • Golf green

Illumination color and brightness of each scene is controlled by a Mobile Imaging Playground (MIP). Scene is selected using a pan-tilt-head and images are captured automatically under MIP control. Also, the laboratory is equipped with the following light sources:

  • Tungsten
  • Warm LED
  • Cold LED
  • Warm Fluorescent
  • Cold Fluorescent
  • Philips Hue
  • D50 LED
  • D65 Fluorescent

Image Quality Laboratory

The main parts of the Image Quality characterization and testing are performed in a state of the art Image Quality Lab. Most of the high-quality equipment are made in Germany by Image Engineering.

Laboratory equipment includes:

  • Reflective test chart setup with Hedler H25 tungsten lamps and following test charts
    • 9 Siemens star
    • 25 Siemens star
    • TE42 v2
    • Local blur
    • ISO 12233 resolution
    • Dead leaves
    • xRite color checkers (24, 96 and 144 colors)
  • Transmissive LE 6 illuminator with following test charts
    • OECF20
    • Sweep
    • Chess board t06
    • 6000K conversion filter
  • Moving lightStudio with following illuminants
    • D50
    • D65
    • F11
    • F12
    • Halogen
  • xRite QC light box with following illuminants
    • D65
    • TL84
    • Cool White fluorescent
    • U30
    • A
    • Horizon
  • Adaptive LED flash test setup
    • Foreground color checker with mannequin
    • Background color checker with mannequin
    • Philips hue controlling background illumination
  • Latency test setup
    • iQ AF box, iQ LED panel v4, iQ Trigger
  • Auto exposure test box LB-800
  • Measurement devices
    • Konica Minolta CL-200, Konica Minolta CS-150, Konica Minolta CL-500
    • Photo Research PR-670
Camera tuning colors
Flash Test Setup
Test Chart Setup Camera Testing