With cutting-edge technology Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering takes digitalization of mining operations to the next level. Mobilaris Mining Intelligence helps mining companies to become aware of what is going on in the mine, right here and now. This information makes it possible to take control over the operations and the resources. People can act upon what is happening in real-time and make the right decision faster. The result is double digit productivity, higher efficiency and increased safety for the mining industry.

Vehicle Tag and Cap Lamp Tag are supporting products to the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence product portfolio. In order to obtain accredited CE and FCC/ISED certifications for Vehicle Tag and Cap Lap Tag Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering turned to TESTiLABS. After the CE and FCC/ISED certifications were completed, TESTiLABS’ Country Approvals Service continued to ensure Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering products were also approved for other key markets like Australia and Brazil.

Andreas Karvonen at Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering:

“We needed accredited CE/FCC/ISED test in order to proceed with customer projects in our key markets. TESTiLABS handled testing smoothly and we were able proceed with necessary country approvals fast, again with the help of TESTiLABS. We look forward to continue cooperation with them in our future projects as well”.