TESTiLABS’ testing services are developed based on our two core customer promises:

  • Optimized Market Access & Certification Services: TESTiLABS’ certification and country approval experts will always optimize your products path to the global marketplace.
  • Unique Custom-built Services: TESTiLABS has unique test methods and custombuilt services that you will not find anywhere else.

Product Development & Pre-Compliance Testing

TESTiLABS’ testing services, maturity statements and improvement proposals give you full confidence when it comes to product maturity during development phases. Click on the icons below to check out each of our services.

Certifications And Market Access Services

Our certification services range from typical regulatory (CE, FCC, ISED) certifications to country specific approvals and even to network operator approvals.

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Testing & Certification Project Management

How about hassle free certification?
Are you confused which requirements your product needs to comply with? Struggling with EU Directives, FCC Requirements, GCF Certification and Country Specific Approvals and various other requirements?

TESTiLABS test and certification project managers will define certification requirements, needed testing and documentation, based upon your device specifications and target markets!