Antenna Pattern Measurements


TESTiLABS offers both standardized and custom-built antenna measurements to fulfill your needs. 

With TESTiLABS’ antenna testing services, you can get more information out of your antenna’s wireless performance. Moreover, we are able to measure frequencies from 400MHz to 20GHz and antennas up to 60cm in length.

Antenna Measurement Services:

  • Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement
  • Antenna Efficiency Measurement
  • Absolute gain Measurement
  • VSWR & Antenna Matching Measurement
  • Antenna Correlation Measurement (ECC)
  • Antenna Polarization Measurement
  • Beamforming Antenna Measurement
  • 3D and 2D Patterns
  • Testing frequency ranges from 400 MHz – 20 GHz
  • Other frequencies can be measured by request

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