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TESTiLABS’s imaging services cover all tests needed in camera R&D chain, from camera module to final imaging product. Also, TESTiLABS software solutions enables cost effective testing due automated testing and reporting.

Optimal Image and video quality in reduced development time

The traditional way of doing camera (image quality) tuning is to start the tuning process when product prototypes are available (see Current in the picture below).
However, TESTiLABS camera tuning process contains two steps:

  1. Camera module characterization and pre-tuning:
    We start image quality tuning work when camera and flash modules are available. Camera and flash modules are tested in reference environment and the characterization results are then used to generate initial tunings.
  2. Full Tuning:
    After the product prototypes are available work continues by 3 more tuning steps: Mid Tuning, Fine Tuning and Final Tuning.
Image tuning processOutcome:
  • The best possible Image and video quality
  • Balanced performance
  • Camera tuning removed from the product program critical path
List of additional services:
  • Camera module Image Quality (IQ) characterization
  • Camera module spectral characterization (from 350nm to 1100nm)
  • IQ tuning (TESTiLABS reference ISP/Customer specified ISP)
  • Product IQ (Video and still image) benchmarking and regression testing
  • Autofocus actuator characterization
  • Optical image stabilizer (OIS) characterization
  • Digital image stabilizer (DIS) characterization
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characterization and impact of EMC to IQ
  • MIPI DPHY 1.2 interface compliance testing
  • Audible noise characterization
  • Camera/Flash Power consumption
  • Flash electro-optical measurements
  • Optics MTF
  • Gonio-spectroradiometric measurements
  • Spectral measurements (Light sources and materials)
  • Chromaticity and luminance distributions in two dimensions
  • Test fixture design and manufacturing
  • Test software development for MIP platform

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We can also provide VCX Score testing through a VCX certified trusted lab according to the latest standards:

Valued Camera Experience (VCX) is an objective and unbiased image quality analysis of smartphone and other mobile device cameras. This score is a numeric indicator of mobile phones and products and is based on an objective assessment of equipment and that does not contain any visual assessment or other subjective factors.  The only subjective component is the weighting, that is, the decision of which metric is more important for the overall performance compared to others. Also, this weighting has been accurately determined by a group of experts and it is identical for every device, so the comparison between devices is fixed and not influenced by individual opinions. Learn More!

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