GPS Air Performance Testing

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GPS Air Performance Testing with equipment in a TESTiLABS laboratory

GPS Air Performance Test:

Our customised GPS Air Performance testing services can guarantee you:

  • Affordability – free up time and money for other testing
  • Speed– cut down GPS field testing time to one day
  • Accuracy – test the device in repeatable and reliable laboratory environment


  •  Field Testing costs can be cut: N x 1000 € savings
  • Reduced number of HW builds: N x 10 000€ savings
  • Additional revenue due to faster time to market: N x 100 000€
  • Additional revenue due superior product: N x 1 000 000€

GPS Air Performance Test Execution:

  • Test will be executed in Suburban 1 test route
  • Test includes maximum of 10 GPS satellites
  • Satellite constellation and UCT time and date are from 20th Dec 2015
  • Test includes 7 laps of 1089m test route (The first lap results are ignored to ensure proper fix)
  • Speed 3 m/s (10,8 km/h)
  • Average reflection signal level -15 dB (adjustable)

GPS Air Performance Test Results:

  • Test system is using NMEA format for data reporting
  • Test results are delivered in numeric and graphical format in an Excel file.
  • Our GPS Air Performance test results include:
    • Latitutude and longitude error
    • True versus reported position (2D)
    • Off Route error (1D)
    • Distance error
    • Speed error
    • Altitude error
    • SNR Distribution

We created our customised GPS Air Performance Testing services to you deliver leading wireless devices!

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