GPS Air Performance Testing

WhY gps air performance testing?

TESTiLABS provides you world’s fastest GPS Air Performance Test for Wearable Devices. Our unique GPS Air Performance test lets you test your device’s GPS air performance in any environment you want.

Benefits of the test:

  • Accurately test your product’s GPS performance in ONE day
  • Reduce product development time
  • Detect performance variations
  • Decrease the number of hardware builds
  • Release time and money to other testing


GPS Air Performance Testing with equipment in a TESTiLABS laboratory

Benefits compared to Field Regular Testing

  • Affordability – free up time and money for other testing
  • Speed– cut down GPS field testing time to one day
  • Accuracy – test the device in repeatable and reliable laboratory environment
  •  Field Testing costs can be cut: N x 1000 € savings
  • Reduced number of HW builds: N x 10 000€ savings
  • Additional revenue due to faster time to market: N x 100 000€
  • Additional revenue due superior product: N x 1 000 000€

GPS AIR PERFORMANCE Test Execution & Results

Test will be executed in Suburban 1 test route and includes maximum of 10 GPS satellites. Satellite constellation and UCT time and date are from 20th Dec 2015. The GPS Air Performance test includes 7 laps of 1089m test route (The first lap results are ignored to ensure proper fix):

  • Speed 3 m/s (10,8 km/h)
  • Average reflection signal level -15 dB (adjustable)

The test system uses a NMEA format for data reporting. Results are delivered in numeric and graphical format in an Excel file.

Our GPS Air Performance test results include:

  • Latitutude and longitude error
  • True versus reported position (2D)
  • Off Route error (1D)
  • Distance error
  • Speed error
  • Altitude error
  • SNR Distribution