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PTCRB Certification

In certain markets (e.g. USA) your devices must meet the standards set by the PTCRB to gain market access. TESTiLABS can provide Over-The-Air (OTA) radio performance testing and field testing covering various radio technologies to achieve the PTCRB certification.

The certification assures that the tested device is compliant with PTCRB requirements and will operate correctly in various mobile networks.

These tests can be done to mobile phones and wireless devices from handsets, tablets etc. to laptops, dongle and different kind of electronic products with antenna.

PTCRB Certification Process

1. Feasibility Study for PTCRB Compliance (mandatory)
This is the first step in the process of achieving the PTCRB certification for your device. Feasibility study has to be done in order to understand if your device is PTCRB compliant. We are capable of carrying out the feasibility study for your product and see what must be done in order to gain PTCRB certification.

2. PTCRB Test Service (mandatory)
If your device is PTCRB suitable, the next step is to test your device according to PTCRB test requirements. PTCRB Test Service includes all the test cases required for PTCRB certification.

3. PTCRB Test Management Service (recommended)
Certification management service is highly recommended if you do not have your own certification manager. Certification management service led by a senior certification manager includes:

  • Creation of all the required documents for the PTCRB certification together with your R&D department
  • Support for the PTCRB membership process
  • Certification progress reporting for you

We are happy to provide you more detailed information and make a proposal on how we at TESTiLABS can help you out at your product certification process and gain market access.

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