Radio Performance & Antenna Testing

Antenna testing report example and the information it includes
Product Development & Pre-Compliance Testing

Antenna Testing

Antenna Testing from 400MHz to 6GHz Passive and Active: With TESTiLABS’ antenna testing services you can get more information out of your antenna’s wireless performance. Moreover, we are able to measure frequencies from 400MHz to 6GHz and antennas up to 60cm in length. Passive testing provides information regarding: Antenna pattern Gain in antenna Antenna efficiency Correlation in antenna Also,

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Cellular Modem Call Success Rate Testing in a laboratory
Product Development & Pre-Compliance Testing

Cellular Modem Call Success Rate Testing

Have you tested your device’s call success rate in crowded networks? Our Cellular Modem Call Success Rate testing services identify the worst and the best performing 2G, 3G and 4G modems and products. In fact, our target is to ensure required user experience and to minimize customer complaints about product quality. Moreover, tests will reveal

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GPS Air Performance Testing with equipment in a TESTiLABS laboratory
Product Development & Pre-Compliance Testing

GPS Air Performance Testing

GPS Air Performance Test: Our customised GPS Air Performance testing services can guarantee you: Affordability – free up time and money for other testing Speed– cut down GPS field testing time to one day Accuracy – test the device in repeatable and reliable laboratory environment Savings  Field Testing costs can be cut: N x 1000 € savings

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MIMO OTA Testing equipment and test methods in a laboratory
Product Development & Pre-Compliance Testing

MIMO OTA Testing

MIMO OTA testing basically measures the changes in data throughput and signal strength of the device when it is moved further from the closest base station. High accuracy MIMO OTA testing during the product R&D phase helps you to avoid very expensive product modifications at the final phase of the product development. MIMO OTA (Over-the-Air) Testing

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OTA testing method for mobile device in a laboratory by TESTiLABS
Product Development & Pre-Compliance Testing

OTA Testing

OTA testing is a requirement for CTIA and GCF certifications. Also, it is also often required by many carriers, vendors and standard organizations. TESTiLABS has the equipment, capabilities and experience to provide our customers with high quality OTA testing and analysis. We can help you to meet OTA requirements stated by your wireless supplier. Similarly, we can assist

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