Over-The-Air (OTA) Testing Services

OTA testing method for mobile device in a laboratory by TESTiLABS

OTA testing is a requirement for CTIA and GCF certifications. Also, it is also often required by many carriers, vendors and standard organizations.

We have the equipment, capabilities and experience to provide our customers with high quality testing and analysis. We can help you to meet OTA requirements stated by your wireless supplier. Similarly, we can assist you if your product need to be tested by a CTIA authorized test laboratory.

We measure device’s radiated RF performance. Thus, we can quickly locate the problems so that you can make the necessary design changes for the best possible RF performance. In general, high accuracy OTA testing during the product R&D phase helps you to avoid very expensive product modifications. Especially at the final phase of the product development.

OTA Testing Capabilities

Our test capability covers the following technologies:

  • A-GPS Testing
  • 2G, 3G and 4G Testing
  • Wi-Fi Testing
  • Bluetooth Throughput and TRP

Moreover, we can help you to find solutions for degraded performance due to:

  • Interference
  • Call drops,
  • High power consumption

TESTiLABS employees each have decades of experience in wireless performance testing and test system development. In fact, our employees have developed and specified new OTA testing methods for 3GPP, CTIA and R&D use. Our in-depth knowledge helps our customer to detect root causes for performance problems.

We are happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal how we, at TESTiLABS can verify your product and help you out at your certification process.

Check out our other services here. Moreover, you can read more about our OTA testing capabilities by checking out our laboratory page here.

For more information about CTIA laboratories, check out the official CTIA web page here.

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