Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Testing Services

SAR robot DASY5 in TESTiLABS laboratory

SAR testing measures the electromagnetic energy absorbed by a body using a wireless device. It is intended to verify that a device does not exceed a country’s established RF exposure limits. TESTiLABS can help you determine whether your product meets your target market’s requirements.

TESTiLABS’ laboratories are capable of performing both SAR and OTA (Over-the-Air) measurements in the same location. Our customers can be certain that the RF exposure stays within required limits, while at the same time ensuring that the device’s performance has not been unacceptably affected.

SAR Testing Procedure:

We are able to analyse devices at any stage of the product development cycle and help manufacturers bring their compliant products to global markets faster.

1. SAR Testing plan

TESTiLABS SAR test specialists have decades of experience in SAR testing. The planning phase includes gathering of information of the tested product, preparation of the test cases and booking of a test slot.

2. Execution 

SAR testing is executed in our laboratories in Finland. We are capable of testing against an extensive list of standards.

3. Reporting

TESTiLABS is well known for high quality reporting with detailed error descriptions. These reports will give you the confidence you need in the decision-making process when developing your product further or when trying to reach certain requirements.

Our SAR test systems have the following capabilities:

  • Capability of testing cellular, Wi-Fi, TETRA, Satellite, UHF and VHF devices
  • Head and body capability
  • Measurable frequency range: 100-6000MHz
  • SAR testing in non-signaling and signaling modes
  • Dielectric parameter validation
  • SAR testing against CE and FCC requirements

TESTiLABS SAR test system consists of:

  • 3 SAR test robots based on DASY5 and DASY4 SAR test systems and located in RF shielded rooms
  • 3 pieces of twin SAM phantoms
  • 1 Eli (oval shaped) phantom (ELI is fully compatible with the IEC 62209-2 standard and all known tissue simulating liquids)

We are happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at TESTiLABS can verify your product and service in the global environment.

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