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We can ensure that your mobile and web applications work every time, everywhere!

TESTiLABS unique combination of test automation and manual testing provides you a complete range of testing services. Our test services are designed for Mobile, Web, Desktop Apps, and Smart Devices front-end and back-end solutions. The TESTiLABS test manager will be your single point of contact during the project delivery. The testing services are delivered through an efficient combination of experts on-site and close to the customer and offshore and low-cost locations.

TESTiLABS SW Quality Assurance Approach

1. Quality Assurance planning
TESTiLABS software specialists and project managers will study your needs and prepare a technical project plan and quote. Planning is always done in close co-operation with the customer to ensure fast feedback from the customer.

2. Quality Assurance execution 
Our on-demand testers can work either at the customers’ office or at the TESTiLABS office in Oulu. With our partners, we are also able to provide a low cost option with local project management.

3. Software test automation
TESTiLABS´ software test automation specialists will help plan and execute your software test automation improvement project. We will study the current state and provide our proposal to increase the automation level in your software testing area.

We are to happy provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at TESTiLABS can help you with your software testing needs.

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