Audio Quality Testing by TESTiLABS

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Audio Testing Device in Chamber

“Worry less about Audio Quality”

TESTiLABS  provides exceptional testing services for the wireless industry. Our experts are keen to innovate and use new testing methods that will ensure our customers’ satisfaction. The audio quality testing we have provided to one of our customers is a prime example.

A customer has previously approached us and was concerned about their mobile phone audio quality. They wanted to make sure audio quality fulfils the market needs.

Our solution was to adequately combine information from Field Testing with unique Audio Stress Test in a lab. This allows us to build a comprehensive analysis of the audio quality users experience.

Field Testing:

Picking the right test locations is key. Thanks to our worldwide coverage and our multiple partners, we can perform Field Testing around the globe.

Our long experience and knowledge of networks enables us to pick test locations notorious to have different and challenging radio environment. In reality, often these locations are in the Asian mega cities.

We considered different ways and methods to measure the audio quality, including MOS score for speech and audio quality estimation. Ultimately, we decided to perform our own customized tests to achieve more accurate and comprehensive results in a real-life varying radio network conditions.

Lab stress tests:

TESTiLABS has unique Call Performance test services that examine how well 2G and 3G receivers perform in today’s interference limited networks. In general, the results show the performance and limitations of mobile devices in terms of call drops, paging problems, audio failure and audio quality.

Our test provides radio and audio algorithms developers reliable information on how their algorithms work in a harsh operating environment. Moreover, its results show which areas are working normally as well as areas for improvement.

TESTiLABS’ experts boast decades of experience in field audio testing and many successful customers experiences.

If you would like to understand more, have any questions, need assistance to verify your products in a global environment, contact us. We are happy to help you deliver high quality products to the market.

Read more about our audio testing services here, our mobile field testing services here or contact us directly via e-mail by clicking here.

Taha Bakhit

Taha Bakhit

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