LoRa IoT CE/FCC/ISED now fully onboard

Wiiste digital_iot_wood_moisture_meter

TESTiLABS is specialized on test, certification and country approval services for wireless industry. We have tested numerous LTE-IoT (LTE-NB and LTE-M1) products and recently increasing number of LoRa based IoT devices. In order to be able to offer smoother testing our test lab is now upgraded with LoRa gateways and required RF filters. We offer […]

EMC/EMI Design and Consulting services from TESTiLABS

EMI/EMC Clinic

Are you puzzled with all EMC requirements and design rules? Have you encountered an EMC problem and need quick help to solve it? TESTiLABS is here to help. Our services include: EMI/EMC design ensures your product complies with EMC regulations EMI/EMC Clinic gets you out from the trouble RFI Analysis makes sure you product has […]

Our EMC accreditation scope is extending to space

Satellite phones

Starting from August 14th 2020 we are able to do accredited EMC testing according to EN 301 489-20 standard. Part 20 of EN 301 489 covers specific conditions for Mobile Earth Stations (MES) used in the Mobile Satellite Services (MSS). This means, e.g., accredited CE EMC measurements for satellite phones. Read more about our EMC testing […]

PoE devices are now in our Safety accreditation scope

Power over Ethernet (PoE) device

In addition to IEC/EN 62368-1 we are now able to do Safety testing according to IEC/EN 62368-3 standard. IEC 62368-3 applies to equipment intended to supply and receive operating power through communication cables or ports. One example is Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE enables a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power […]

New SAR requirement on the French market

SAR Testing

There is a new SAR requirement on the French market set by ANFR. So far obligation to display SAR values in France has only been applicable to mobile devices. From the 1st of July 2020 the obligation is generalized to all radio equipment subject to SAR testing (product used <20 cm from the body and […]

Our labs are in full operation

TESTiLABS’ EMC, SAR, Safety, RF, OTA, HW Reliability and Camera Test laboratories are in full operation. We take every caution to keep our lab teams healthy and labs running. You just need to send us the products and operation instructions and we can proceed with the required tests.

Global Field Testing without traveling

Is your field testing plan jammed due the global travel restrictions? With TESTiLABS global Field Test Teams we can help you to do in-country testing in our hub cities. Our experienced team can verify your product 2G/3G/4G/LTE-IoT connectivity works in the local operators networks. You just need to send you product to our experts. For more […]

TESTiLABS participates in Embedded World 2020

TESTiLABS is specialized in testing and certification of wireless products (CE/FCC/ISED & Country Approvals). We have also Field Test and unique Camera Testing & Tuning services. Our company participates in Embedded World 2020 25-27th February in Nuremberg, Germany. If you are around, please come to visit us and learn more about our services.

Country Approvals: What you need to know!

Radio Product Country Approvals for more than 200 countries “Which geographical markets are we going to enter” is a fundamental question to your product marketing plan. For your business and products to reach a global customer base, there are many steps through which your product must go through, but most importantly it needs to comply […]