EU takes steps to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices

Cyber security for CE marking

The European Commission has taken action to strengthen the cybersecurity of wireless devices. The Commission initiative’s objectives regarding wireless devices are: Improving the resiliency of networks: The devices will have to incorporate features to avoid their misuse to harm communication networks. Enhancing the protection of personal data and privacy: The devices will have to include […]

Are you puzzled with how to test hardware reliability?

Hardware Reliability Consulting

Preparing the right hardware reliability and environmental test plan requires knowledge of the standards and experience. In addition to testing itself, our hardware reliability testing experts can help you with test plan creation. We have years of experience on preparing a test plan for different kinds of products for different usage environments. The test plan […]

FCC is easing rules to bring products to US for pre-sale activities

FCC Importation and marketing rule change

The Federal Communications Commission(FCC) adopts new marketing and importation rules for pre-sale activities of radio equipment. The FCC’s aim has been to allow RF equipment manufacturers to better measure consumer interest and prepare for new product launches.  Please see chapter “PART 2—FREQUENCY ALLOCATIONS AND RADIO TREATY MATTERS; GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS” . TESTiLABS is always […]

Changes in India radio product approvals

Changes in India radio product approvals

So far India approval for radio products has required only WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination) covering radio equipment type approval. WPC can be applied based on CE and/or FCC test results. Now India approval requires also Telecommunications Engineering Centre – TEC approval for products like gateways, access points, routers and tracking devices TEC requires also […]

Do you need help with CE/FCC certification management?

Certification Management

We can help you with the necessary CE and FCC certification documentation and process. The content of our certification management services can be tailored according to your needs. TESTiLABS is always happy to provide more detailed information so if you have any questions, contact us!

Are you confused with EMI/EMC?

EMC Consulting

Don’t worry!  TESTiLABS’ EMI/EMC design & consulting experts can help you with:  EMI/EMC Design – to ensure you product complies EMC regulations. EMI/EMC Clinic – to get you out from the trouble RFI Analysis – for top radio performance of your transmission. Signal Integrity – for the performance of your high-speed PCB design.   TESTiLABS is always happy to […]

Are you puzzled with cellular frequency bands? See our video!

Frequency Bands Consulting

Are you planning to launch your products in multiple markets, but you are not sure which cellular (2G/3G/4G/5G) frequency bands your product should support? Please have a look at the video to see how we can help you. TESTiLABS is always happy to provide more detailed information so if you have any questions, contact us!

Our field test teams help with 5G testing as well as reducing CO2 emissions

5G Field Testing

5G implementation opens interesting possibilities for companies but also has its challenges. TESTiLABS has an experienced team engaged in the field testing of mobile devices since 2000. We are proficient in 5G field testing and our field test teams are in more than 10 field test hub cities around the world. Testing in these locations can […]

Our safety testing covers now also mains (110 / 230 VAC) operated devices

Safety Testing

We are now able to provide safety testing also for the mains voltage (110 / 230 VAC) operated devices. Our accreditation scope covers also national exceptions. Our accreditation covers also national deviations the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Our area of competence covers testing of products in conformity with safety standards IEC / EN 62368-1, IEC/EN 62368-3 and IEC […]

Have you chosen the right bands for your product?

Frequency bands consulting

Newest radio modules can support huge number of different cellular frequency bands. CE and FCC approval processes require all supported radio technologies and frequency bands to be tested. Testing cost can be reduced significantly by analyzing which frequency bands does your product need. Read more on how you can reduce testing costs and distribute approval […]