Our field test teams help with 5G testing as well as reducing CO2 emissions

5G Field Testing

5G implementation opens interesting possibilities for companies but also has its challenges. TESTiLABS has an experienced team engaged in the field testing of mobile devices since 2000. We are proficient in 5G field testing and our field test teams are in more than 10 field test hub cities around the world. Testing in these locations can […]

Our safety testing covers now also mains (110 / 230 VAC) operated devices

Safety Testing

We are now able to provide safety testing also for the mains voltage (110 / 230 VAC) operated devices. Our accreditation scope covers also national exceptions. Our accreditation covers also national deviations the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Our area of competence covers testing of products in conformity with safety standards IEC / EN 62368-1, IEC/EN 62368-3 and IEC […]

Have you chosen the right bands for your product?

Frequency bands consulting

Newest radio modules can support huge number of different cellular frequency bands. CE and FCC approval processes require all supported radio technologies and frequency bands to be tested. Testing cost can be reduced significantly by analyzing which frequency bands does your product need. Read more on how you can reduce testing costs and distribute approval […]

SAR testing for RFID and NFC devices down to 9MHz

SAR Testing

New standard concerning SAR testing IEC/IEEE 62209-1528 was issued by IEC and IEE on October 19, 2020. New IEC/IEEE 62209-1528 standard substitutes three already existing standards IEC 62209-1:2016, IEC 62209-2:2010, and IEEE Std 1528-2013. The new standard brings several substantial changes to SAR testing in comparison with the existing ones. The changes are primarily focused […]

Are you importing safe product?

Safety Testing

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has tested 346 electrical products last year. Only 28% of the inspected electrical products were proved to be safe and in the course of the inspection, a total of 118 products were withdrawn from the market. The highest number of defects was found in chargers, transformers and various […]

Our 5G OTA testing is now boosted with new Robotic Antenna Measurement Solution

Robotic Antenna Measurement Solution

We are thrilled to announce about our new Robotic Antenna Measurement Solution for OTA testing. The 6-axis robot represents the world’s first industrial model with digital Motion Modes. This highly adaptable production assistant speeds up delivery times and increases quality. The robot is intended for a rated payload of 210 kg and give the opportunity […]

Meet our benchmark test report for surveillance cameras

Surveillance Camera Benchamark

Benchmark test report enables to get the clear understanding about competitiveness of the camera product, essential for product R&D, product management and marketing. TESTiLABS provides benchmark reports for different camera applications. Below report illustrates an example of surveillance camera measurements. TESTiLABS competence area includes such camera applications smartphones, surveillance, automotive, IOT devices, drones, video conferencing, […]

Passive antenna pattern testing up to 53 GHz

Antenna pattern measurement diagram

TESTiLABS FR2 OTA mmWave passive antenna pattern test service for beamforming antennas has expanded from 6 GHz up to 53 GHz. Higher frequency band coverage brings up the need to compensate increased path loss of radio link. The coverage area of beamforming antennas is widened with beam steering. Accurate antenna beam patterns are obtained by […]

Canada: ISED Publishes Issue 7 of ICES-003

Information Technology Equipment

Canadian ISED (The Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) has released Issue 7 of ICES-003 (Interference-Causing Equipment Standard), Information Technology Equipment (Including Digital Apparatus). The standard specifies the limits and methods of measurement of radiofrequency emissions, as well as administrative requirements for information technology equipment (ITE), including digital apparatus. This includes devices or systems that […]

Custom Union EAEU/EAC tightens the requirements

Custom Union EAEU/EAC

The Customs Union EAEU/EAC substantially changes the requirements in 2021. The fist updates had come into force on January 1, 2021 and more are staged on May 1, 2021 and June 1, 2021.  The main changes in the declaration (DoC) and certification (CoC) processes are: The Russian user manual requirements should be strictly followed Samples […]