TESTiLABS participates in Embedded World 2020

TESTiLABS is specialized in testing and certification of wireless products (CE/FCC/ISED & Country Approvals). We have also Field Test and unique Camera Testing & Tuning services. Our company participates in Embedded World 2020 25-27th February in Nuremberg, Germany. If you are around, please come to visit us and learn more about our services.

Country Approvals: What you need to know!

Radio Product Country Approvals for more than 200 countries “Which geographical markets are we going to enter” is a fundamental question to your product marketing plan. For your business and products to reach a global customer base, there are many steps through which your product must go through, but most importantly it needs to comply […]

Life After Nokia: TESTiLABS and Finland’s ‘Radio Valley’

MIMO OTA Testing equipment and test methods in a laboratory

Oulu has been, many times, dubbed as the Arctic Silicon Valley, and it is quite fitting as a title. There is a detailed network of design services, manufacturing, and testing companies, connected to each other through workers who had once worked closely together within Nokia. For this reason, companies in the Oulu radio hub can […]

Image Quality Testing Services for Jala Group

Since TESTiLABS started providing image quality services, we have assisted multiple clients in improving their products’ camera. Thanks to our extensive IQ tuning process and having access to world class imaging laboratories, we can assist you throughout the R&D phase, from camera module to final imaging product, and ensure the best possible image and video […]

Discover TESTiLABS Camera tuning services at MWC19

As MWC19 is approaching, we are looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces we have met before and new ones that we have yet to meet. TESTiLABS’ theme at last year’s Mobile World Congress was our Field-Testing service. We were positively surprised by how many companies had needs aligned with our Field-Testing services, particularly […]

Audio Quality Testing by TESTiLABS

Audio Testing Device in Chamber

“Worry less about Audio Quality” TESTiLABS  provides exceptional testing services for the wireless industry. Our experts are keen to innovate and use new testing methods that will ensure our customers’ satisfaction. The audio quality testing we have provided to one of our customers is a prime example. A customer has previously approached us and was […]

New Expansion of Camera Laboratories

After months of hard work, the new camera laboratory expansion in a VCX certified and trusted lab was completed in November which meant it was time to celebrate! New VCX Lab Part of the expansion was the launching of a brand new VCX test lab. VCX score (or Valued Camera Experience) is a numeric indicator […]

All WLAN Routers are now defined as Base Stations

SAR robot DASY5 in TESTiLABS laboratory

CE RED  harmonized standard,  EN 50385 “Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of base station equipment with radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure limits (110 MHz – 100GHz), when placed on the market” defines WLAN access points now as base stations. The standard notes radio-relays, wireless local area network access points and base stations for cordless telephony […]

Why invest in product testing?

Mechanical testing of a customer´s mobile device

After reading this article you will know why and how to save resources by investing in product testing. Multiple companies, big and small, make huge mistakes by thinking that testing is just something that you must do because of authorities and does not really add a lot of value on the actual product. Actually, it […]

IoT Devices and Field Testing Services

Black IoT device

IoT devices field testing is critical for the success of any new services and IoT devices based on cellular connectivity. We, at TESTiLABS, can help you understand the field maturity of your services and devices before releasing to market. If you need to verify services and devices functionality and performance in various locations globally, the TESTiLABS […]