5G Base Station 3GPP EIRP and EIS

5G Base Station 3GPP EIRP and EIS

Active Antenna Testing for 5G base stations

Among the first labs in the world TESTiLABS provides accredited FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service according to 3GPP TS38.141-2 for 5G base stations. Test includes radiated transmitted power EIRP (3GPP 38.141-2 6.2) and radiated sensitivity EIS (3GPP 38.141-2 7.2) tests.

We use two independent test methods:

a) Plane Wave Synthesis Active Antenna Test Service using R&S PWC. PWC method covers BW 2,3-3,8GHz frequency range.  gNB size can be up to one meter and has a customized positioning system.

b) Unique active Near Field to Far Field (NF to FF) method is available for the whole FR1 frequency rang since testing frequency ranges from 600MHz to 6GHz. It is also scalable for different gNB sizes.

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