Physical Failure Analysis

Physical Failure Analysis

Why Physical Failure Analysis?

Physical Failure Analysis (PFA) assesses construction quality of electronic devices to verify that the quality meets the specific requirements. During PFA parts are inspected for a wide range of design, workmanship, and processing problems, which have not been identified in previous examinations, tests and sample checks conducted by manufacturer. PFA is usually done on random sample selection.

Defects and abnormalities founded during PFA can protect from failure the entire system in which the product is intended to be used. With our rigorous failure analysis procedures and verification production problems can be solved. We use a broad range of sophisticated test equipment to verify the reliability of your products. We collect and analyze data to determine the cause of a failure and to prevent its reoccurrence.

Methods and Analyses

  • Micro- and nanostructure imaging
  • X-ray analyses
  • SEM analyses
  • Optical microscope analysis
  • Cross-sectional analyses
  • Structural analyses
  • EDS-analyses

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