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FCC Certification:

If you plan to sell your product in the USA, it needs to comply with certain regulations and EU directives. In fact, it needs to be certified from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the independent agency that regulates communications. Hence test reports from FCC accredited labs are submitted to show compliance with the Radio, EMC and SAR technical requirements. Your certified products must carry the FCC logo and radio products the FCC ID.

ISED Certification:

We can help you as well with entering the Canadian market. If you plan to sell your devices there, your products need to comply to the Canadian standards (Innovation, Science and Economic Development ISED). However, you can perform Canadian certification tests in parallel to FCC certification tests since their regulations are similar. In the end, your certified product should be marked by the Industry Canada logo.

We can provide you with necessary information for IC review and certification. However, they mostly include some of the same requirements of FCC Certification, including:

  • Application form
  • Letters of Agency
  • Test Report
  • Schematics
  • Block Diagram
  • Attestation Forms
  • User Manual
  • Warning Statements (depends on the type of device)
  • SAR Report (if required)

We have great experience with the FCC/ISED certification process and getting the FCC/IC mark for your product. Furthermore, we cover a wide range of technologies and can help to give them access to the USA and Canada markets.

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