What is SAfety Testing?

The Low Voltage Directive is the oldest of the New Approach Directives and deals with the safety of electrical apparatus. It applies to all apparatus running on (or generating) an electrical supply in the range 50 – 1000 volts a.c. or between 75 and 1500 volts d.c..

There are a small number of exclusions from this Directive, which are generally products covered by more specific directives.

The Directive has both administrative and protective requirements. Administrative requirements include CE marking the product, completing a Declaration of Conformity and compiling a Technical File.

Protection requirements are generally satisfied by assessing the products compliance to various standards. Compliance to the Low Voltage Directive can be self-certified without the need for a notified body.

Safety is a mandatory part of CE Declaration for all electrical devices . TESTiLABS can now offer fast safety test service to give you solid evidence for declaration.

Safety inspection and testing covers the sales package content of you product.  Batteries, external power supplies (e.g. charger), cables and other peripherals  are part of the inspection. If your product includes Lithium Ion batteries they need to fulfill IEC 62133 standard. Using CE certified external power supplies eases the inspection and saves money.

Safety Testing Capabilities:

TESTiLABS offers safety testing according to EN 62368-1 (audio/video, information and communication technology equipment), EN 60065 (Audio/video Devices), EN 60950-1 (Information technology equipment). Currently we are concentrating on devices using operating 12VDC or lower voltage.