Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Laboratory


TESTiLABS has three SAR test systems: 2 DASY5 systems and one DASY4 system, located in RF shielded rooms for testing cellular, Wi-Fi, TETRA, Satellite, UHF and VHF devices. In addition, we have a variety of SAR testing phantoms, tissue simulating liquids, and the competence to create tissue simulating liquids customized for our customer needs.

Measurable frequency range is from 100 to 6000MHZ and SAR testing can be done in non-signaling and signaling modes. We can provide accredited SAR testing according to CE and FCC requirements.

BSTP-A - Base Station Phantom Adult

Our 1.8 meter long Base Station Phantom for adult exposure assessments, which is meant for SAR evaluations in accordance with the Base-Station Antenna Testing standards (e.g. IEC 62232).

SPEAG's Modular Flat Phantom (MFP)

​SPEAG’s modular flat phantoms,are used for compliance testing of small wireless devices in body-worn configurations according to IEC 62209-2, etc.​

SPEAG's ELI Phantom

Flat phantom for compliance testing of handheld and body-mounted wireless devices in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 6 GHz.


Major axis: 600mm
Miner axis: 400mm

SPEAG's DASY5 SAR Test System

We are using DASY5 SAR test systems located in an RF shielded rooms.


Compliance testing of wireless devices in hand-held configurations according to IEC 62209-1, IEEE 1528, etc.


Length: 1000mm
Width: 500mm
Height: adjustable feet