Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Why environmental testing?

Products are constantly exposed to different climatic conditions and mechanical stress. Environmental testing simulates anticipated product environment to assess the resilience of product in real-world use.

Releasing untested or poorly tested products to market poses company at a great risk. On the other hand, manufacturers are striving to put products to the market as soon as possible to hold their competitive positions. Usually, there is no time to build prototypes and test them in normal use. Environmental testing solves this problem by accelerating aging and wear placed on test items.

The cost of environmental testing is minor if to compare with the total cost of recalls, warranty claims, lost productivity, and other losses caused by defective products. Understanding product’s life expectance allows to reduce maintenance and customer support costs.

TESTiLABS offers a wide range of environmental tests according to EN/IEC, ISO and MIL standards among others. With our long experience in developing innovative testing solutions, we can generate testing conditions which perfectly match your product usage environment.

Environmental tests

  • Temperature, humidity and climate tests
  • Thermal Shock tests
  • Salt mist (Fog) tests
  • UV Radiation test
  • Solar Radiation test
  • International Protection IP tests. Dust and water.
  • Vibration tests (shock, random, sinusoidal).

We can help you with

  • Environmental and mechanical test plan creation
  • Test management during the R&D process
  • Root cause analyses after test
  • Corrective / preventive action suggestions for design
  • Improvement ideas for design and solutions
  • Subcontractor quality control
  • Verify design and product robustness
  • Corrective action for production process

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