Antenna Pattern Measurements

Antenna pattern measurement diagram

Why to measure antenna pattern?

Antenna pattern measurements are used to find out antenna performance. Antenna pattern measurement is a passive measurement, i.e. receiver’s and transmitter’s performance is not included. During the measurement process signal to the antenna is provided from a network analyzer.

We can measure antenna pattern form tiny wearable devices to 2m tall base station antennas and we cover frequency range from 400 Mhz to 6 GHz.

Our services include:

  • Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement
  • Antenna Efficiency Measurement
  • Absolute gain Measurement
  • VSWR & Antenna Matching Measurement
  • Antenna Correlation Measurement (ECC)
  • Antenna Polarization Measurement

Test results are 2D and 3D antenna patterns as well as numeric values (excel).

Latest News

Brazil Updates

Brazil Updates

ANATEL in Brazil has published Act 7280 (cancelling act 2222) that will come into force in the middle of 2021 (exact date is not announced

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