Country Specific Approvals

What is country approvals?

If you intend to sell your products in various countries across the world, it needs to comply with the local requirements of regulations and standards. Naturally, areas like the EU follow the same approval schemes. Other areas, however, can have their own requirements and processes that can vary significantly.

Our team of type approval experts offers consultancy and support regarding rules and regulations for radio products and short range devices in all countries of the world. TESTiLABS has many years of experience with country approvals and market access procedures in almost all countries of the world.

Today’s products, in particular, integrate many technologies and can be moved easily across borders. Your product needs to be approved and have all necessary certificate markings in place to be sold and be used in the target market countries. Additionally, we have know-how regarding all modern wireless technologies.

Our country approvals services cover a wide area of the global market. Thus, we can help you get your product ready for almost any country around the globe. We can also ensure you that it complies with the local requirements and has all necessary markings.

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