Country Specific Approvals

Country specific certification marks

Country approvals​

Approval process, length and cost vary a lot depending on country. CE RED or FCC certifications are used as a starting point in most of the countries. Many countries accept CE RED or FCC test results as such and approval process is paper work only. The second group of countries (e.g. India, Indonesia, Brazil or Mexico) start by reviewing RED or FCC results and do some additional testing. China, Japan and South Korea use their own test stands and apply them if required. In case of China and South Korea testing has to be done locally. Depending on the country the approval applicant is either a manufacturer or a local applicant. Local applicant means juridical company in the country (branch office, importer or representative).

More than 200 countries

TESTiLABS provides Country Specific Approvals for more than 200 countries. The key for a smooth country approval process is the local presence in a country. Throughout our partner network we have local presence in all continents. They ensure your product gets smoothly into the market.

The country approval process  is controlled and managed by TESTiLABS’ project manager. She/he provides you detailed instructions on how to prepare for the approval process and reviews needed documentation. During the processes project manager takes care that your project proceeds as planned and provides progress reports to you.

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