Why Mechanical Testing?

We can verify how reliable your product is during actual customer usage without mechanical testing services. Customized tests save time and lessen the risk in market.

With our long experience in developing innovative testing solutions, we can create testing conditions that are tailored to match your final end-user environment. We can help you to create a robust product with a long life cycle.

We offer a wide range of environmental tests, spanning most of the relevant EN/IEC, ISO and MIL standards. These tests combine perfectly with our Failure Analysis Laboratory expertise to reduce the long feedback loop, dramatically shortening the time needed to go from test results to actionable product improvements.


We can offer testing services in the following areas:

  • Chemical test for materials
  • Wearing vibration testing, Röstler equipment
  • Wearing tests for painting and labels
  • Hardness and adhesion tests
  • Cycling test for connectors, buttons etc.
  • Vibration sine, random and shock tests
  • Force measurements
  • Guided freefall drops with high speed camera
  • Random freefall drop tests
  • Optical measurements
Mechanical testing of a mobile device in TESTiLABS laboratory

Innovative Mechanical Testing Devices and Methods

  • Iron ball impact test for screens
  • Denim pocket simulator
  • Extended everyday chemical exposure
  • Recreation of target environments
  • Hostile environments: road salt, acidic groundwater, volcanic and sulfurous soils
  • Corrosion risk assessment

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