Field Testing for Mobile Devices Services

Different locations where mobile field testing is done by TESTiLABS

Mobile Devices Field Testing

Mobile devices field testing is critical for the success of any handset launched in the market. We, at TESTiLABS, can help you understand the field maturity of your products before releasing a product or a new software to your customers. If you need to verify a reference design or mobile device functionality and performance in various locations globally, the TESTiLABS field test service is what you are looking for.

We are ready to be deployed to any desired location within days. Moreover, our own field test teams are located in Oulu, Salo and Tampere, Finland. Together with our trusted partners, we can provide high quality global field testing with reasonable costs.

TESTiLABS Field Testing approach

  1. Field test planning:

    Our TESTiLABS field test specialists and project managers have more than 10 years’ experience with global field testing. We always do planning based on our customers’ needs.

  2. Field test execution 

    Our on-demand testers can travel to all global locations. Furthermore, with our partners, we are able to provide local teams in various locations in Europe, APAC and North/South America (see the map with the locations).

  3. Field test reporting

    Our high-quality reporting always comes with detailed error descriptions. Our specialists will provide maturity reports of your device performance in the field. These reports will give you confidence in your decision-making process.

We are happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at TESTiLABS can verify your product and service in the global environment.

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