EMC & RF Testing

EMC testing in a laboratory by TESTiLABS employees

Electromagnetic Compatibility or EMC is the ability of different electronic devices and components to work correctly and operate without mutual interference, despite the presence of other devices that emit electromagnetic fields. All electronic devices have the potential to emit electromagnetic fields and influence each other when interconnected or close to each other, e.g. interference between TV sets, GSM handsets, radios and nearby washing machine or electrical power lines.

The purpose of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is to keep all those side effects under reasonable control. This means that each piece of equipment emitting EM waves or disturbances must have it limited to a certain level and that each individual device must have adequate immunity to EM disturbances in the environment it is meant to function in. EMC designates all the existing and future techniques and technologies for reducing disturbance and enhancing immunity.

We provide an extensive portfolio of EMC testing services. Thus, we can verify if your product meets applicable electromagnetic compatibility requirements. Moreover, we will support your product development process starting from product’s requirement definition all the way up to the completion of approval testing.

Furthermore, we serve many different branches of the industry and are familiar with most relevant standards. More details on our services are only an e-mail or a phone call away.

EMC Testing Procedure

Test Planning

Our test specialists have strong experience in this testing area. In addition, product requirements are investigated in detail during offer creation and test planning is always done based on the customer’s needs.

Test Execution

Our test facilities are located in Oulu, Finland, where we are able to provide the following test services:

Emission Testing

  • Radiated emission testing
  • Conducted emission testing

Immunity Testing

  • Radiated RF field
  • Radio frequency common mode
  • Burst, Surge, Electrical Fast Transients, Voltage dips and interruptions
  • Power and pulsed magnetic fields
  • ESD testing

EMC Testing Report

We are well known for our high quality reporting with detailed error descriptions. Moreover, our specialists are also capable of helping in with debugging issues.

We are happy provide more detailed information and make a proposal how we can verify your product’s Electromagnetic compatibility.

Check out our other services here. Moreover, you can read more about our EMC testing capabilities by checking out our laboratory page here.

For more information about the topic, check out the official web page of the European Commission here.


  • EMC/RF-testing
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