LoRa IoT CE/FCC/ISED now fully onboard

Wiiste digital_iot_wood_moisture_meter

TESTiLABS is specialized on test, certification and country approval services for wireless industry. We have tested numerous LTE-IoT (LTE-NB and LTE-M1) products and recently increasing number of LoRa based IoT devices.

In order to be able to offer smoother testing our test lab is now upgraded with LoRa gateways and required RF filters. We offer EMC, RF and Safety test services for LTE-IoT and LoRa-IoT products — all you need to get your product to EU and North American markets.

If needed, we can obtain the approval for your product on more than 200 other markets. Please send us a request for quote here or contact us directly at risto.timisjarvi@testilabs.com for any queries.