Our 5G OTA testing is now boosted with new Robotic Antenna Measurement Solution

Robotic Antenna Measurement Solution

We are thrilled to announce about our new Robotic Antenna Measurement Solution for OTA testing. The 6-axis robot represents the world’s first industrial model with digital Motion Modes. This highly adaptable production assistant speeds up delivery times and increases quality.

The robot is intended for a rated payload of 210 kg and give the opportunity to measure even bigger antennas and do 3D antenna pattern measurements for 5G beamforming antennas.

Our customers will get the following benefits using our robot:

  • Accuracy and High-quality. Highly precise movements of the robot can be used in the wide working range. The wide working range in front of and behind the machine ensures better accessibility in a range of diverse applications. The path mode increases accuracy of Controlled Path (CP) motion, whereas the dynamic mode enhances speed. These features guarantee optimal robot motion for specific objectives. Hence, our testing capabilities can be adjusted according to customers’ specific needs.
  • Efficiency and Speed. With 6-axis robot our installation time was cut down from one hour to 15 minutes, enabling us to provide faster 5G OTA testing services for our customers.
  • Flexibility. The robot allows to measure bigger and heavier antennas, as well as measure antenna beams directions more accurately. 3D antenna pattern measurements for 5G beamforming antennas are now possible also for frequency range between 400MHz and 6GHz.
  • Safety. Finally, making measurements with 6-axis robot is safer for customer devices and for our testing engineers.


TESTiLABS is always happy to provide more detailed information so if you have any questions, contact us!