Our field test teams help with 5G testing as well as reducing CO2 emissions

5G Field Testing

5G implementation opens interesting possibilities for companies but also has its challenges. TESTiLABS has an experienced team engaged in the field testing of mobile devices since 2000. We are proficient in 5G field testing and our field test teams are in more than 10 field test hub cities around the world. Testing in these locations can be done without the need to travel. We are ready to be deployed to any desired location within days, we send the closest team to the test location. This saves not only money, but also the environment! Less travel produces less CO2 emissions.

In Finland three mobile operators have implemented 5G network. There is also the shared 5G network of DNA and Telia, providing domestic roaming. Also when travelling abroad you may have used your mobile device and you may have noticed that some features or services may not function as expected. This is partly because mobile operators build and configure their networks differently!

TESTiLABS’ field testing is the answer to these challenges. After field testing you will be provided detailed test and maturity reports. These reports help you gain good understanding about how your product functions in different operator networks. This is the number one reason our customers ask our help to verify their products functionality in different locations and with various operators SIM cards.

TESTiLABS is always happy to provide more detailed information so if you have any questions, contact us!