EU takes steps to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices

Cyber security for CE marking

The European Commission has taken action to strengthen the cybersecurity of wireless devices.

The Commission initiative’s objectives regarding wireless devices are:

  • Improving the resiliency of networks: The devices will have to incorporate features to avoid their misuse to harm communication networks.
  • Enhancing the protection of personal data and privacy: The devices will have to include features to guarantee the protection of personal data and privacy.
  • Reducing the risk of monetary fraud: The devices will have to have features to minimise the risk of fraud when the equipment is used for making electronic payments.
The European Council and the Parliament will have 2 months from 1 November to scrutinise the Commission’s proposal. After the scrutiny comes a transition period of 30 months to give the industry time to adapt relevant products before the new requirements come into effect, most likely mid-2024. The Commission has also asked EU Standardization Organizations to develop required standards.