Radio certification of an IoT product using a pre-certified radio module

Pre-certified radio module

Purpose of certification in all markets is to provide evidence to local authorities that your product complies the local requirements set for a radio product.

Your product is more than just the pre-certified radio module. Components like other clocks, external connections, PCB design and antenna implementation all impact radio characteristics.

Even more so if  your product has multiple radios and they are used simultaneously.

So using a pre-certified radio modules eases regulatory certification testing, but does not remove the test need.

An exception market is Japan. If the radio module is certified for Japan the final product does not need any radio testing.

CE RED and FCC (US) / ISED (Canada) certifications include EMC and RF testing.

Using a pre-certified radio module means that conducted RF test results of the certified radio module can be re-used.

Your product is still subject to EMC and Radiated RF test.

In other big markets like China, Brazil and South Korea your product needs to be tested locally.

Depending on the country and your product tests include EMC, Conducted RF and Radiated RF tests. Tests in all markets are similar. So the test sample and test SW requirements you have done for CE RED and/or FCC tests are also valid in other markets.

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