Antenna Pattern Measurements

Antenna pattern measurement diagram

Why to measure antenna pattern?

Antenna pattern measurements are used to find out antenna performance. Antenna pattern measurement is a passive measurement, i.e. receiver’s and transmitter’s performance is not included. During the measurement process signal to the antenna is provided from a network analyzer.

We can measure antenna pattern form tiny wearable devices to 2m tall base station antennas and we cover frequency range from 400 Mhz to 6 GHz.

Our services include:

  • Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement
  • Antenna Efficiency Measurement
  • Absolute gain Measurement
  • VSWR & Antenna Matching Measurement
  • Antenna Correlation Measurement (ECC)
  • Antenna Polarization Measurement

Test results are 2D and 3D antenna patterns as well as numeric values (excel).

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