EMI/EMC Design and Consulting

EMI/EMC Design and Consulting

EMI/EMC Clinic

If you project has countered EMI/EMC problem our clinic helps to solve it.

Our clinic has:

  • Competent doctors
  • Fixed different kind of products
  • Test gear for quick verification

EMI/EMC Design

To make sure your product meets requirements in different markets EMI/EMC design should be part of your design project from the beginning.

We can support you by:

  • Decade’s of experience in EMI/EMC design
  • Knowledge on EMC standards
  • 3D computer EMI simulation tools
  • Different test set ups and labs

RFI Analysis

Internal or external RF noise (RF Desensing) can disturb or even block RF transmission. Finding the root cause is not easy, because disturbance source can be anywhere (bad shielding/cable, clock, display, other radios…)

We tackle the problem by:

  • Quick verification tests
  • Design inspection
  • Exclusive measurements

Signal Integrity

Digital signal frequencies on PCBs are rising. For example DP2.0 and USB4 speeds are as high as 20Gbps/lane This means high-speed digital interface design becomes RF design.

We check your design by:

  • S-param and TDR analysis of fast interfaces
  • Signal waveform analysis (SI)
  • AC and DC PDN analysis (PI)


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