Frequency Bands Consulting

Choose the right bands for your product

Latest radio modules can support huge number of different cellular frequency bands, for example, 4 2G + 5 3G and even 15 4G frequency bands. When your Radio Module based product is going through Europe and US approval process, all supported radio technologies and frequency bands should be tested. Testing cost is almost linearly depending on supported radio technologies and number or frequency bands.

How TESTiLABS can help you?

Testing cost can be reduced significantly by analyzing which frequency bands does your product need based on:

  • Target markets (EU, US, Japan, Australia , Korea, China …)
  • SIM solution (Local / Roaming SIM)
  • Number of supported operators


Test cost can be also distributed over the time by planning carefully the initial tests and doing rest of the test at the time of market entry.

TESTiLABS offers consulting service to find the optimum test path for your product.

This means you save money and distribute approval cost over longer period of time.

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