SAR and RF Exposure Testing

What is SAR testing?

All radio products are subject to RF Exposure Assessment. Assessment can be done by RF Exposure Evaluation, EMF measurements or SAR testing. RF Exposure Evaluation is done by checking technical details of the product and calculating the maximum RF Exposure. In Europe, RF Exposure Evaluation is sufficient in cases where device is used further than 20cm from the human (or animal) body or combined simultaneous transmission power of all radios is less than 20mW. In all other cases SAR testing is required.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure telling how much radio transmission energy is absorbed by the user’s or bystander’s body. SAR testing verifies that a device does not exceed defined RF exposure limits. RF exposure limits vary depending on the market.

TESTiLABS our experts have over 15 years’ experience providing RF Exposure Evaluations and SAR testing services. Some of our customers had a very complex product and they had struggled to get them tested. They turned to us because we were able to help. Now they are sending us even more complex products!

SAR testing capabilities

  • CE, FCC & ISED SAR Testing
  • Pre-Compliance Testing
  • Head, Body, Extremity Capability
  • Whole-Body SAR Measurement
  • Test Frequencies between 30-6000MHz
  • In Non-Signaling and Signaling Modes
  • Dielectric Parameter Validation

We can test the following technologies and products

  • All cellular devices, satellite, TETRA, BLE, VHF, UHF and WLAN devices
  • Cellular base station antennas
  • Medical, healthcare, military and consumer products
  • Animal care (e.g. tracking devices)
  • US – FCC Knowledge Database Publications on RF Exposure
  • Canada – RSS-102, SPR-002
  • EU – EN 50357, EN 50360, EN 50383, EN 50385, EN 50566, EN 62209-1, EN 62209-2, EN 62232, EN 62311, EN 62479
  • International – IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEC 62311, IEEE 1528, IEC/IEEE 62209-1528

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