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Save money with TESTiLABS Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) service!

The Bluetooth qualification grants the intellectual property license to Bluetooth technology and allows the usage of the Bluetooth trademark. A Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) is an individual recognized by the Bluetooth SIG. BQC is an expert in the qualification policy and process Our BQC helps you to plan the qualification process and required tests. This saves time and often also amount you need to spend on qualification tests.


One Stop Test and Certification Shop


TESTiLABS is a Finnish company founded by Nokia veterans. Our state of the art laboratories are located in Finland and were originally built by Nokia Mobile Phones. TESTiLABS provides test and certification services for multiple industries including wireless, healthcare, telecommunications and automotive.

We provide both R&D testing and certification services and can customize test sets for your needs. Our services include OTA, SAR, RF, EMC, Audio, Bluetooth, Field Test, Mechanical, Environmental and Software Testing. TESTiLABS´ key customers are operators, device manufacturers and R&D houses.

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