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TESTiLABS provides test and certification services for the Wireless Industry. We are specialists operating ex-Nokia/Microsoft state of the art test labs in Finland.

Over the years we have gained solid expertise in testing mobile phones, tablets, routers, wearables and IoT devices.

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What we offer

Customer focused certification & market access ensures you get your product into the market with minimized cost and optimized Product Development time. TESTiLABS’ certification and country approval experts will always optimize your products path to the global marketplace.

Product Development and Pre-Compliance Testing

Our tests help you meet or even exceed the quality goals you have set, by usinge standardized tests or if needed designing an entirely new set of tests to match your need.
Pre-Compliance testing is a very important part of the R&D project, this is where we come in: we can help you to plan the right pre-compliance tests at the right time, ensuring that your product hits the market on time.

Certifications and Market Access Services

Before a product can be placed into a market, it has to comply with the requirements set by certain authorities. TESTiLABS certification services include CE, FCC/ISED regulatory certifications, country specific approvals and even network operator approvals (GCF, PTCRB).

Testing and Certification Project Management

Are you confused by which requirements your product needs to comply and how to prepare the documentation? TESTiLABS test and certification project managers help you define certification requirements, needed testing and documentation.

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