New SAR requirement on the French market

SAR Testing

There is a new SAR requirement on the French market set by ANFR.

So far obligation to display SAR values in France has only been applicable to mobile devices. From the 1st of July 2020 the obligation is generalized to all radio equipment subject to SAR testing (product used <20 cm from the body and Tx power <20 mW). The SAR values must appear in the user manual of equipment that has been placed on the market later than July 1 as well as at points of sale.

To ensure consumer protection, France requires limb SAR to be tested  to supplement the head and body SAR tests required by Radio Equipment Directive.

The applicable SAR limit for limb SAR is 4 W/kg and it is typically measured using 0 mm separation to the SAR phantom.

Link to original requirement (in French).

TESTiLABS provides accredited CE and FCC/ISED SAR testing and can do also accredited SAR tests according the this new requirement.

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