Brazil Updates

Brazil Updates
  1. ANATEL in Brazil has published Act 7280 (cancelling act 2222) that will come into force in the middle of 2021 (exact date is not announced yet). The act implements such changes as:
  • Certificate Validity Periods:
    • Cellular Mobile Phones: Valid for 2 years (previously 1 year)
    • Li-ion battery / inductive charger for cell phones / cell phone charger: Valid for 2 years (previously 1 year)
    • Data Network Equipment – Environment User: Valid for 2 years (previously valid indefinitely)
    • Data Network Equipment (except for user environment): Valid for 3 years (previously valid indefinitely)
  • The submission of an ISO 9001:2015 certificate will now be mandatory for all RF devices regardless of the number of factories.

Also, ANATEL expanded the list of devices allowed to run certification tests outside of Brazil (e.g., Mobile Satellite Transceiver; Mobile Satellite Phone; Radar)

  1. ANATEL has opened a public consultation for Wi-Fi 6E. Comments regarding the use of 5925 MHz – 7125 MHz by radio equipment with restricted radiation are allowed to be submitted for 45 days.