Canada: ISED Publishes Issue 7 of ICES-003

Information Technology Equipment

Canadian ISED (The Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) has released Issue 7 of ICES-003 (Interference-Causing Equipment Standard), Information Technology Equipment (Including Digital Apparatus).

The standard specifies the limits and methods of measurement of radiofrequency emissions, as well as administrative requirements for information technology equipment (ITE), including digital apparatus. This includes devices or systems that generate and/or use timing signals or pulses having a rate of at least 9 kHz and employ digital techniques for purposes such as computation, display, control, data processing, and storage.

The transition period will last until October 15, 2021, during which the compliance with either issue 6 or issue 7 of ICES-003 is accepted.

After the expiry of this transition period all products subject to this standard that continue to be manufactured, imported, distributed, leased, offered for sale, or sold in Canada shall comply with this issue 7 of ICES-003.

Below are the main changes in Issue 7 versus Issue 6:

  • Additional requirements are applied to wireless power transfer device (e.g. mobile phone wireless charger).
  • The override limits are eliminated. ICES-003 now has only one set of limits. CISPR or ANSI test methods are still allowed.
  • ISED compliance labeling requirements are updated.


Read more from the official website of the Government of Canada here.