Passive antenna pattern testing up to 53 GHz

Antenna pattern measurement diagram

TESTiLABS FR2 OTA mmWave passive antenna pattern test service for beamforming antennas has expanded from 6 GHz up to 53 GHz.

Higher frequency band coverage brings up the need to compensate increased path loss of radio link. The coverage area of beamforming antennas is widened with beam steering. Accurate antenna beam patterns are obtained by sufficient attenuation of disturbing reflections in FR2 measurements.

TESTiLABS OTA FR2 test service satisfies the increased need for speed and capability appearing in new technologies and devices with wireless connections.

Our laboratories create a shielded controlled environment for generating and measuring of radiated signals of known power and direction. Antenna testing is vital for obtaining high performance in the 5G communication. We can measure TRP radiated power up to 44.5 GHz and antenna patterns up to 53 GHz.

We can evaluate the following parameters in our chamber:

– Gain
– Beamwidth
– Azimuth Beam squint
– Cross-polarization ratio
– Tilt accuracy
– Front to back ratio
– First upper sidelobe suppression
– Efficiency

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