Meet our benchmark test report for surveillance cameras

Surveillance Camera Benchamark

Benchmark test report enables to get the clear understanding about competitiveness of the camera product, essential for product R&D, product management and marketing. TESTiLABS provides benchmark reports for different camera applications.

Below report illustrates an example of surveillance camera measurements. TESTiLABS competence area includes such camera applications smartphones, surveillance, automotive, IOT devices, drones, video conferencing, and medical. Each application area prioritizes different camera features. TESTiLABS benchmark measurements are customized according to camera application and client needs.

Our camera laboratories are fully equipped to cover spatial and temporal image quality tests. In addition to traditional image quality tests, our capabilities include spectral scan (350 – 1100 nm), thermal (-40 to +125 C), HDR (1 – 180 klux), extrinsic calibrations and more. TESTiLABS capabilities cover image quality measurements for both camera modules (RAW images) and camera products (processed images). TESTiLABS is VCX trusted lab and provides the VCX score measurement services for smartphones.

The Introduction and Summary slides from the report are below.

Surveillance Camera Benchamark Report: Introduction Slide
Surveillance Camera Benchamark Report : Summary Slide

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