Are you importing safe product?

Safety Testing

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has tested 346 electrical products last year. Only 28% of the inspected electrical products were proved to be safe and in the course of the inspection, a total of 118 products were withdrawn from the market. The highest number of defects was found in chargers, transformers and various LED luminaires.

You can read more from the Tukes official website:

Manufacturers, importers and sellers are responsible for product compliance with applicable EU directives and safety standards.

When you are importing a product it is important to check the following from the manufacturer:

  • Tests are done by a genuine accredited test house.
  • Testing covers all relevant aspects of the standard been applied.
  • Current applicable versions of standards have been applied including any amendments.
  • If you make several importations of a product, make sure that no components or materials have changed from the original specification, otherwise the test certificate may not be applicable.

If you are uncertain about the safety compliance TESTiLABS can do safety tests according to EN 62368-1 and 61010-1 standards.