US closing down 3G networks

US closing down 3G networks

In order to free spectrum to 4G & 5G and focus on 5G investments US operators are closing down their 3G networks.

AT&T is closing 3G (WCDMA/HSPA) network February 2022

Verizon 3G (CDMA) shutdown is set for 31 December 2022

Sprint&T-Mobile (merged 2020)

  •     March 31, 2022 Sprint’s older 3G (CDMA) network will be closed
  •     June 30, 2022 Sprint’s LTE network will be closed (T-Mobile 4G continues)
  •     July 1, 2022 T-Mobile’s older 3G (WCDMA/HSPA) network will be closed

AT&T closed GSM network already and T-Mobile is planning to close it soon. However no definitive date has been given.

So soon US will have 4G and 5G network only. Focus naturally on 5G investments.

Please remember that 5G is not only for new high frequency bands (FR1 4.1-7.1GHz & FR2 24-52GHz). It can be deployed on currently mostly used cellular network bands operating from 700MHz to 3.6GHz.

FCC has also compiled information about 3G shutdown and you can find more information on the operators’ webpages.

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