Tips for successful IoT product country approval projects

Tips for successful IoT product country approval projects

TESTiLABS offers CE&FCC&ISED testing and certification services + Country Approval services for radio products.

We can do >200 countries if needed. Along the way we have learned a lot of how things work in different countries.

So here’s a couple of tips for how you can make sure the approval project flows smoothly:


Product name, model and variants

  • Decide and lock down product name, model number and possible variant identification at the very beginning of the project.
  • They have to stay constant starting from CE RED and FCC certification.


Product documentation right from the beginning

  • Documentation is not usually R&D engineers favorite task. However poor or missing  documentation causes difficulties and additional work approval process.
  • Poor or missing documentation delays your entry to the market.


Very clear test instructions

  • In markets like China, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, tests are done locally. However the done tests are same or similar EMC and  RF tests (some countries also safety) done for CE RED.
  • Because of language challenges test instructions must be very clear. Use pictures and drawings in test instructions to make sure information is the same in any language


TESTiLABS is always happy to provide more detailed information so if you have any questions, contact us!