Have you heard? Argentina now requires local testing for wireless devices

Argentina requires local testing for wireless devices

ENACOM has made public a new Resolution titled “RESOL- 2022-2-APN-ENACOM#JGM”. ENACOM is Argentina’s national telecom authority. The resolution requires that from 23 February 2022 on wireless network devices must be tested within Argentina. Previously ENAC accepted foreign test reports for certification of these kind of products.

ENACOM will only accept test reports from local laboratories in Argentina as groundwork for certification of wireless network equipment.

Existing certificates which are still valid needn’t be updated, but with renewals and new applications local test reports must be submitted.

ENACOM has also updated their label for telecommunications equipment approvals with Resolution No. 854/2020. The labeling identifier will be swapped from the CNC logo and ID to a new RAMATEL(Registro de Actividades y Materiales de Telecomunicaciones) registration number and seal logo. This change will be implemented from August 12, 2022 on.

ENACOM’s resolutions can be found here(in Spanish).

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