Ensuring IoT Device Compatibility Across Borders through Approval Testing

Unlocking Worldwide Markets with CE RED and FCC Approvals
IoT manufacturers aiming to enter global markets must navigate a complex regulatory landscape, where CE RED and FCC certifications play a pivotal role. These certifications are not merely regulatory requirements but strategic tools that enable access to major markets like the EU and the US, and serve as gateways to numerous other international markets. They ensure that products meet stringent safety, security, and performance benchmarks, which are crucial for competitive entry and success worldwide.

CE RED Self-Certification: Key Evidence Requirements

The CE RED (Radio Equipment Directive) certification operates on a self-certification basis, requiring robust evidence of compliance. This includes detailed design documentation that aligns with EU standards and test results from rigorous evaluations, demonstrating that the equipment adheres to safety and performance criteria.

3 ways to Acquiring Test Evidence:

1.     Manufacturer-conducted testing: Using internal resources to conduct tests, which is cost-effective but may lack external credibility.

2.     Purchase of non-accredited tests: Involving external, non-accredited laboratories. This option is less costly than accredited testing but might not be recognized in all jurisdictions.

3.     Purchase of accredited tests: The most reliable method involves tests from an ILAC-accredited laboratory. Although this option incurs higher costs, it is globally recognized and facilitates smoother entry into international markets.

Benefits of Accredited Testing:

  • Broad acceptance: Test results from an ILAC-accredited lab are widely accepted in international markets, reducing the need for additional testing.
  • Risk mitigation: It minimizes the risk of non-compliance issues, which can lead to costly recalls or legal challenges.
  • Brand credibility: Demonstrates a commitment to quality and compliance, enhancing brand reputation globally.


Global Market Access Through CE RED and FCC

The strategic value of CE RED and FCC certifications extends well beyond Europe and the United States, acting as keys to unlock global markets. Many countries in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa view products meeting these standards favorably, as their own approval processes often rely on these test results. This alignment can significantly reduce time-to-market and lower compliance costs.


More than 200 countries

TESTiLABS provides Country Specific Approvals for more than 200 countries. The key for a smooth country approval process is the local presence in a country. Throughout our partner network we have local presence in all continents. They ensure your product gets smoothly into the market.

The country approval process is controlled and managed by TESTiLABS’ project manager. She/he provides you detailed instructions on how to prepare for the approval process and reviews needed documentation. During the processes project manager takes care that your project proceeds as planned and provides progress reports to you.