Country Approvals: What you need to know!

Radio Product Country Approvals for more than 200 countries

“Which geographical markets are we going to enter” is a fundamental question to your product marketing plan. For your business and products to reach a global customer base, there are many steps through which your product must go through, but most importantly it needs to comply with all the relevant regulations in your target markets.

Answering the aforementioned question Answering the aforementioned question gives initial information on how to plan your global market compliance and entry.

This short article will give you an overview on how acceptance processes can go:

Country acceptances based on CE and FCC certifications

CE/RED Compliance and FCC/ISED certifications for the European and US/Canada market are a good starting point since they form a base to access many other countries. For instance, CE is accepted in many Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Similarly, FCC Certification is accepted and used in many Central and South American countries.

Moreover, there are many countries in South America and Africa, who also accept CE or FCC Certifications.

In these cases, a country acceptance process can be simple formalities such as providing certain documents and potentially a product sample.
However, there are other countries that require CE or FCC certifications as a starting point but require additional testing and thus product samples as well.

China and Japan

China and Japan are huge markets. Thus it is important to mention that these three big markets have their own certification process.

CCC, SRRC and NAL are the radio product passwords for China. CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) is the basic requirement. It could be compared to CE in EU.
SRRC by State Radio Monitoring and Testing Center is required for all products having radio transmitter.

If the product is a telecommunication equipment then the NAL certification is also required. It is issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

In Japan radio products are approved by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications MIC.
Radio products are tested and certified according the Japan Radio Law. If the product is a telecommunication equipment (wireless or wired) it has to comply also with the Japanese Telecommunication Business Law.
MIC has an appointed Registered Certification Bodies (RCB), which has an authority to process the certification application and issue the certification.

Who can apply?

Depending on the country, the applicant can vary from being the manufacturer, an importer or a local applicant.

A local applicant usually means a representative juridical entity in the country. For instance, if your company has a branch in the country in which you plan to acquire a market entry certification, they can be the applicant.

We, at TESTiLABS, offer Local Applicant services if required and can represent you in the countries you plan to enter.

What we expect from you!

When starting a new country approval process, we will provide you with a list of needed documentation and test reports as per country. In case in-country testing is needed, Product test samples, test SW, test instructions and dedicated support contact are required.

It is also vital that you allocate resources to prepare applications and answer possible questions during the process.

Country specific requirements are ever-changing

Our partners are present globally in all key markets. We continuously follow the changes in local requirements and update our instructions, accordingly, ensuring that your product passes the acceptance process smoothly

If you would like to understand more or need assistance to test your products in a global environment, contact us by clicking here for personal contacts or request a free quote. We are happy to help you deliver high quality products to the market. 

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