IoT Devices and Field Testing Services

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IoT devices field testing is critical for the success of any new services and IoT devices based on cellular connectivity. We, at TESTiLABS, can help you understand the field maturity of your services and devices before releasing to market. If you need to verify services and devices functionality and performance in various locations globally, the TESTiLABS field test service is what you are looking for.

As an example, one of Testilabs customer Creoir, developed a container tracking and environmental conditions monitoring IoT device called MOST. MOST is easy to set-up and use IoT platform based container tracking system offering innovative tracking solutions for logistics utilizing the latest IoT-technology available. The environmental conditions are recorded and automatically sent to a web service whenever there is a cellular connectivity available.

As a part of Creoir product developement, Testilabs provided testing services to verify MOST functionality in various operators networks globally. With the help of Testilabs, MOST IoT service was successfully ramped up and fresh bananas are available also here up north.

TESTiLABS on-demand team of field test engineers are ready to be deployed to any desired location within days. Together with our trusted partners, we can provide high quality global field testing with reasonable costs.

TESTiLABS Field Testing approach

  1. Field test planning:
    TESTiLABS field test specialists and project managers have more than 10 years’ experience with global field testing. Planning is always done based on our customers’ needs.
  2. Field test execution 
    Our on-demand testers can travel to all global locations. With our partners, we are also able to provide local teams in various locations in Europe, APAC and North/South America.
  3. Field test reporting
    TESTiLABS is well known for its high quality reporting with detailed error descriptions. Our specialists will provide maturity reports of your service performance in the field. These reports will give you confidence in your decision-making process.

We are happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at TESTiLABS can verify your IoT services and devices in the global environment.

If you have questions, need assistance or want directly to contact our personnel, click here for personal contacts. We are happy to help you!